Vision and Values

St Martin's has been involved in Mission Action Planning for a number of years. As a result a number of strategic priorities have been identified and implemented.

Mission Action Planning consists of the following phases:

A. Review Phase

B. Choose Phase

C. Plan Phase

D. Act Phase

The Seven Marks of a Healthy Church have been used as a model during our review. The Seven Marks show that a Church can be considered to be a Healthy Church if it:

  1. Is Energised by faith
  2. Has an Outward looking focus
  3. Is Finding out what God wants
  4. Faces the cost of change and growth
  5. Builds community
  6. Makes room for others
  7. Does a few things and does them well

St Martin's Church held an away day in 2014 during which we worked on the Review Phase with a SWOT Assessment – Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats. The next stage will be to set our next set of strategic priorities and short term actions.